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Our Mission

Our mission to change the enterprise software market — while bold — is realistic. We leverage on technology that is developed and in production, processing millions of daily transactions, generating real value to real customers at well over 1,000 installations.

Swedish Company

Founded in 2006 with 50+ employees and 11 nationalities. The technical team is world class by any standard and includes software architects and developers with deep expertize in artificial intelligence and in-memory computing.

Strong Patent Portfolio

We have a strong patent portfolio in in-memory and AI for Enterprise Software, all fundamental to delivering ground-breaking solutions. Patents are a product of a highly motivated and knowledgable team, supported by experienced management.

Complete Platform

We provide a complete platform for building and deploying Real Time Enterprise Software. Our technology is on-par — or better than global leaders in Enterprise Software.

“Heads Retail easily manages volumes and complexity other systems don't even come close to. We now have a complete system, built with Starcounter, covering all the needs of the modern retailer.”
Henrik Larsson

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