How to keep speed and agility?

Global competition makes digitalization a vital necessity.

How to connect everything?

The Digitalization of all business has created increased IT complexity.

How to keep up?

The transformation from physical to digital of the core business creates new challenges.

Real-Time Enterprise

Real-Time Enterprise is an architecture concept for business systems design that helps organizations automate processes across different systems and enterprise boundaries. To realize RTE, you need a foundational infrastructure that supports data sharing in real-time, between all apps in the business process.

With the RTE architecture, Real-Time Business Process is made possible. Real-Time Business Process provides real-time information to customers, employees, partners and suppliers, as well as being capable of implementing processes real-time to ensure that all information is up-to-date and consistent throughout all systems.

With Real-Time Business Process, new opportunities never before possible is paving way, fast-tracking you to innovation and enables you to seize business opportunities as they emerge.


Digital Transformation and Improved Efficiency

Every business leader wants to digitalize the organization, meaning engaging with customers, as well as operating internally online. Real-time processes and data analytics enables this transformation process. 

As data streams in and is analyzed, enterprises will have a view of how production, distribution, and logistics systems are performing.

Predictive Insights and Automatic Response

The ability to sense and respond to real-time events is essential in today’s hypercompetitive economy. Real-time data analytics helps provide that broad view of what may be happening inside as well as outside of the enterprise. 

Understanding what is happening at the moment helps provide for pattern-matching to see what is coming up in the near future. Real-time data analytics is also capable of automatically initiating active measures to deal with or even prevent potential problems. As data streams in and is analyzed, enterprises will have a view of how production, distribution, and logistics systems are performing.

Internet of Things Capabilities and Analytics​

Business opportunities and initiatives will increasingly come through global networks of interconnected devices, sensors, systems, and nodes stream continuous data.

A robust analytics system is required to help make sense of the data that may be pouring, firehose-like, into the enterprise, identifying and pulling out the nuggets that are of material importance to the business.

Integration Projects – A Thing of the past

Intelligent integration platform

The VMDBMS technology makes it possible to use Starcounter as The Interface for interchanging data between the legacy applications. All data targeted for interchange is stored centrally in Starcounter and is always up to date.

Cognitive Mapping Engine

Cognitive mapping mirrors an application's data model to the Starcounter mapping engine. We utilize AI to learn how different sets of data relates to each other. By making use of the VMDBMS technology, data can be safely be updated in a consistent way.

Real-time enterprise

Through VMDBMS, data only needs to be integrated once - and without dependencies to other applications. Without third-party platforms, you own your data. When mastering your data in one place, applications can be built on top of that data and truly making your enterprise real-time.

The ideal enterprise system could control all major business processes in real-time via a single software architecture on a client/server platform.
By 2020, 75% of application purchases supporting digital business will be “build, not buy".

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