A Collaboration Platform – where everything is connected. Just as in real life.

Our platform takes organizations from Group Inefficiency to Collective Intelligence. With Starcounter technology we have made several well known methods and tools agile and digital in one single platform. It allows us to concentrate on building the next-generation business applications without glue code, complex architecture and expensive infrastructure.

Colabers solves the problems inherent with technology when change outpaces what the individual or group is able to adapt to. Our objective is to enable organizations go from Collective Inefficiency to Collective Intelligence.

The company was founded in 2006 by Thomas Olsson and Anders Runer as a result of the experiences and insights they had accumulated during their many years as marketing consultants for some of Sweden’s most prolific and recognizable businesses and organizations.


“Colabers came about in actuality as a very concrete solution to a problem many of my clients were experiencing; they were spending a disproportionate amount of their budgets on pure administration and on reactionary measures in order to fix problems that occurred”, said Thomas Olsson.


When communication began to expand to other venues Thomas and Anders realized that Colabers was the perfect basis for a digital CoLab platform.


“Quite simply, this is about creating a modern way to work. The time of the ”static plan” is over. Instead, constant change created by a group composed of people from both inside and outside of the company who must cooperate and achieve common goals with a much higher efficiency rate is what is important right now”, said Anders Runer.


Colabers platform makes collaboration between interested parties incredibly easy. Everything is transparent. Differing methods, which through digital technology support different phases in the operation, are all integrated in the same platform. It is an eco system of apps which stimulates constant development and improvement.

– When we started this there were very few that understood the need for structure in a creative world. In the last few years reality has caught up with the increased demand for agility and collaboration.

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