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Heads Retail easily manages volumes and complexity other systems don't even come close to. We now have a complete system, built with Starcounter, covering all the needs of the modern retailer.

Heads, a real time application provider, built its supply chain management application on the noSQL database Starcounter. With high performance from Starcounter, the supply chain management can keep all the point-of-sale for customers connected to headquarters, and combined with real-time warehouse balance, get an efficient flow of articles through stores.

When Heads was developing their supply chain management application, they wanted to provide a realtime environment in order to keep all business data centralised and updated at all-time throughout the entire product supply chain.

Heads required extreme performance from a database that could also handle the large number of transactions, and unbroken traceability for all items and centralised data handling from hund- reds of different data sources. A solution should also be cost efficient, and therefore hardware needs and licenses costs were therefore key decision points as well.

Starcounters in-memory application platform met all of Heads decision criteria. Heads supply chain management system’s powerful application is able to compete with existing highly recognizable ERP applications for the retail business because its unique features give the customer advantages which would normally require a much larger investment in other ERP systems to achieve.

By using Starcounter’s in-memory application platform, Heads can give its customers a unique combination of business advantages, including enabling high performance combined with acid transactions and an unbroken traceability of all items in real-time.

Starcounter’s in-memory application platform also enables a significantly lower TCO compared to other systems, due to a reduction of the infrastructure investment and maintenance by two-thirds and more accurate business data at all instances in the supply chain.

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