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We’ve always had a unique way of thinking, but perhaps it hasn’t been matched by the execution. Now we are first with a product that puts execution at the highest level. We’ve discovered something no one else has.

Consulting company Modular Management is on the verge of a leap forward with their Palma software. Now with a web interface and an unprecedented increase in performance. Using Starcounter, they are able to cut execution time from, in some cases, 15 minutes to a mere 0.4 seconds.

By dividing product architecture into different modules, Modular Management make it easier to handle very complex products. For instance, product platforms with up to as much as millions of different configurations.

To support the handling of product architectures, the company developed their own software, Palma (Product Architecture Lifecycle Management). PALMA must through APIs function together with the customers’ incumbent systems for creation, production and sales. That is, systems for CAD, PLM, ERP and sales support, to mention a few.


“We’ve been struggling with performance issues from the beginning, which in turn lead us to sacrifice functionality”, says Jakob Åsell, Product Manager for PALMA.


Mainstream database management systems from MySQL, Microsoft and Oracle couldn’t deliver on the performance needs, which was made abundantly clear when a web interface became a basic demand from the customers.

Modular Management decided to migrate their software to Starcounter and build a new web interface in the process. It was meant to be able to run as an actual cloud service, which means rewriting the entire system. It was two years of hard work, as well as a big investment.


“Development over the last year has cost as much as all development of PALMA since 2004, so the investment is significant.”


So far, the new PALMA has only been run for test purposes, and the results are very satisfying. Jakob Åsell mentions a client;


The operations the client does could, with the old version, take up to 15 minutes. With the new PALMA, the same operations presently take about 30 seconds. But we’re going down to 0.4 seconds, and with more functionality to boot.”


With this astonishing performance boost combined with more functionality, tracking for instance, it is no exaggeration to claim that Modular Management is about to revolutionize industrial product planning.

In the coming days, the new incarnation of PALMA is launched both in a cloud version, as well as a version the client can run on their own servers.

Jakob Åsell is counting on some commotion in this niched market.


“According to general opinion, it’s not supposed to be possible to deliver this level of performance.”


Once established vendors like Microsoft, SAP and more, scratch their heads about the newcomer, Jakob Åsell is ready for the competition.

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