Programmatic Marketing Decentralized

Mopedo replaces an external DSP with an internal one. Allowing for use of internal data in external programmatic marketing. It’s AI-driven, real-time, and made possible by the performance provided by the Starcounter platform. Programmatic marketing is being revolutionized.

Programmatic marketing deserves a makeover, and Mopedo is doing just that. With an internal DSP (Demand Side Platform) from Mopedo instead of a traditional external one, the customers gain control and can make their programmatic marketing more relevant.

Up until now advertisers have been unable to use their most valuable asset – their own customer data – without giving it away to an external DSP. This is where Mopedo disrupts the field of programmatic marketing with their technology.

The Mopedo customer gets their own DSP connected in real-time securely behind its firewall. This gives them the ability to communicate directly and individually with their audience, increasing the relevance of programmatic marketing.


“The internet is filled with spam, because until now it’s been impossible to customize communications to the degree it should be. Our vision is to make all programmatic marketing content relevant”


With Starcounter’s in-memory platform, Mopedo has the performance required for their AI module. The AI module matches the consumers’ whereabouts on the internet with the customer’s consumer data. The module calculates the appropriate marketing action and ROI.

Thanks to the performance, all of this happening in milliseconds and the customers have all the data in real-time. Since Starcounter implements a collapsed stack architecture and modularization, Mopedo has an incredibly fast time-to market for their product. As ad-tech is a fast-changing market, Mopedo needs to be able to react quickly and adjust and change their product. Mopedo chose to partner up with Starcounter for the unique in-memory platform.

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