Starcounters mission to change the enterprise software market — while bold — is realistic. We leverage reliable technology that processes millions of database transactions daily and generates real value to customers at over 1,000 installations.

Starcounter is a combined in-memory database engine and application server for ultrafast development of high-performance business applications. It is a true in-memory application engine. It was invented to let software vendors concentrate on building next-generation business applications without glue code, complex architecture, and expensive infrastructure.

All applications/modules built on Starcounter are fully compatible with each other through our patented AI-driven cognitive mapping and blending, allowing for data and screen to be shared without any integrations between applications.

Our customers are enterprise software vendors who are looking to exponentially expand their business by leveraging groundbreaking technology.

We have spent over 10 years doing deep technology research to build the unique solution we call Polyjuice. Polyjuice is AI-powered technology that enables applications to work together without manual integration. Apps share data and screen to create the optimal user experience. This is where a shared app economy is coming to life, allowing software vendors to build their own application platforms, offering their customers a wide range of business applications, both developed in-house and sourced from the Starcounter ecosystem of applications.

Polyjuice consists of two main innovations, Cognitive Data Mapping and UI Blending.

Cognitive Data Mapping

Ensures that solitary apps which work with similar kinds of data can work together and are able to share information. Anyone and everyone can develop applications and concentrate only on solving the business problem at hand. Integration is done by Polyjuice.

UI Blending

Most apps have a user interface. Polyjuice's screen blending makes multiple apps melt together on the screen. Shared data and screen secure the user experience. Data fields, images, graphics, and actions from many apps are blended together on the screen to give the best support for a specific use case.

Starcounter was founded in 2006, 40+ employees from 14 nationalities and five world patents with more in process. The technical team is world class by any standard and includes software architects and developers with deep expertise in artificial intelligence and in-memory computing.

All functionality in one application from Heads and a super fast database technology from Starcounter. That’s the crucial ingredients behind the IT success at Sweden’s retail wonder Gekås. The secret weapon is real time. For real.

In 1991 Joachim Wester was enjoying life in general, but there was one nagging question: Why can’t all computer applications share data and screen automatically? This question was the start of a long journey…

A revolution is underway in the posh area of Blasieholmen in central Stockholm. A group of really smart people is changing the way software is developed, assembled, sold, and deployed. Meet Starcounter – the brains behind Polyjuice.

The old model has ruled far too long in the enterprise software industry. The ISV with the best appstore can become the “go-to-place” where all customers go to find solutions to their digitalization needs.

The enterprise software landscape will change dramatically in the near future. The new landscape will be simultaneously fragmented and connected, with new business models created by collaboration among small vendors.

The event attracted industry experts, innovators, and in-memory enthusiasts from all over the world. As one of the dominant in-memory innovators – we took this opportunity to show the world how far we’ve come.

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