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We wanted to build the best Ad tech system, therefore we needed real time processing of large volumes, we searched and found Starcounter.

Signia Group makes the best Publisher Ad-Management and Revenue-Tech systems in the world. What drives Signia Group and their Publishers is what they call a “BSG” (Big Scary Goal) That is: ‘5x @ 1/2x’. Publishers can increase Revenues by five and bisect relative Cost of Operations.

To build the best real-time ad-tech system, Signia Group needed extreme performance and choose the Starcounter platform.

Signia Group wanted to provide several thousands of quality ads per second. The challenge included to be able, in real time, to investigate who the viewer was, what ads had been shown before, apply frequency capping for the underlying order, apply retargeting and decide what ad would bring the most cost-effective ad impression for the publisher.

The complexity of the calculations and huge volumes in combined alternatives, made Signia Group require extreme performance. The vision was to make it possible to run the whole workflow in one system; CRM, proposal & order and ad deliveries in one application.

Signia Group chose Starcounter after careful research and evaluation of several different databases. They both looked into traditional databases as to different NoSQL alternatives. The Starcounter application platform met all the decision criteria, including a native object interface and extreme performance making it possible to create a unique Ad serving application with all necessary components needed to run their customers ad business.

The Signia Group Fusion application is a powerful software solution that integrates and streamlines the entire media supply chain, simplifying the organization’s workflow; from proposal through orders and sales management to advertising operations, resulting in a dramatic increase in efficiency and reliability. For Signia Group’s customers this means they can run their Ad business to less cost.


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