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Starcounter combines a high-performance application server with a cognitive mapping engine and in-memory database, it is the fastest business ACID transaction processing application platform on the market. It was invented to let ISVs concentrate on building the next-generation business applications without glue code, complex architecture, and expensive infrastructure.  

Our invention is a patented, world-leading, transactional In-Memory Virtual Database technology. We integrate an application server (.NET or any other runtime) with a database engine through a virtual machine that virtualizes application objects. 

Starcounter is recognized by Gartner, Forrester, 451 Research, and IDC.

Keeps data in place

The Starcounter in-memory platform keeps data in place instead of moving it between the heap and the database. Having data in one place reduces the memory footprint and removes the overhead of moving data.

Shared Memory Between Apps

Several apps can run inside the same database, meaning that one app can immediately observe changes made by other apps in the same database. The result, fast and simple data sharing between apps with minimal latency.

ACID Transactions

Starcounter uses optimistic concurrency control and snapshot isolation. By adhering to the ACID properties, you can reliably use Starcounter in settings where it’s essential to avoid data loss or other problems that come with databases that are not ACID.

Rapid Deployment

To improve developer ergonomics, Starcounter stay close to native features and their syntax. Developers instantiate persistent objects the same way they instantiate any other CLR objects. Classes that define the database schema look similar to any other class.


Capable of handling 99% of all existing data
table sizes. Transactions are processed in nanoseconds.


Battle-proven in 100+ production sites, running 50+ billion monthly transactions


10,000+ users can run ACID/OLTP apps with fractional-second latency.

"By 2018, more than 50 percent of large enterprises – and more than 80 percent of enterprises with advanced digital transformation strategies – will create and/or partner with industry platforms."

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